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My name is Sabeth
like Elisabeth but without Eli

Through being sent to a kids yoga class by my mother when I was 9 years old, I became familiar with the physical practice of Yoga at a very young age. In my early twenties, I found that Yoga could catch me, being a humble guidance and offering me introspection without judgement. Ever since, it has been my way to meet my physical and mental needs and to develop a spiritual space inside of me.

My style of guiding you through Asana practice combines anatomically correct alignment with the joy of exploring what Yoga has to offer on an emotional and mental level. My goal is to create a safe space so that you can find the individual expression of every Asana that lies within you, cultivate the beautiful energy that comes along with awareness and slow down the chattering of the mind - because that is when the magic starts to happen!

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Trained medical doctor (psychiatry, psychotherapy)

1000 + hrs trauma-sensitive Yoga facilitator

(Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Bhakti, TCTSY trauma sensitive Yoga)

2019 Mahi Yoga (Dharamshala, India) - Multi style/Hatha Yoga YTT

2023 Nancy Jovanovic (Berlin, Germany) - Yin Yoga YTT 

2023 Mercy Ananda (Baja California, Mexico) - Bhakti YTT

2024 Dave Emerson, Jenn Turner (Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI, USA) - TCTSY YTT

2024 Sampoorna (Goa, India) - Vinyasa Yoga YTT


HAR Studio Berlin - Asana/Bhakti 

Yoga Futura Berlin - Asana/Bhakti, Anatomy lecturer (YTT)

Living Grace Yoga Institute - Anatomy lecturer (YTT)

Femna Health - medical expert (Yoga for women)

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