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  Golden Milk


In Hatha Yoga we learn how to embrace the dualities of life instead of fighting them.

We make use of our Sun and Moon energy, we are stable and strong, we create strength and softness. Great!

But you don't always have to step on the mat to train your dual-abilities!

Sometimes a Golden Milk on the couch will do - make it your object of Dharna (concentration) and taste the duality on the tip of your tongue!

Golden Milk is flowing, subtle and soothing like water. It is relaxing and helps a restless mind to find sleep.

At the same time its bright yellow colour and heat light up our inner fire and nurture us. It strengthens our immune-system with its anti-inflammatory properties.

The traditional Indian drink is a blend of turmeric and no-diary milk and has been used in Ayurveda since forever.


For 2 cups of Golden Milk you need...

1, 5 cups coconut milk  

1,5 cups non-dairy milk (almond/ soy/ oat...)

1,5 tsp ground turmeric (Curcuma)

1 tsp honey

Optional: fresh ginger, cinnamon, black pepper…


Add all the ingredients to a small pot.

While stirring heat up without letting it boil (!) for some minutes.

Add more sweetener if needed.


Enjoy immediately, voilà!

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