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Why yoga

About Yoga

Yoga is existential, experiential, experimental.

No belief is required, no faith is needed –

only courage to experience.

- Osho, Science of the Soul

Yoga helps us to get to know ourselves based on self-perception: by banishing our ignorance about our body, exploring our thoughts and emotions, cultivating awareness of what we consider to be "me". Why? To see what's inside of us once the chattering of the mind stops. It's as simple as that.

Only a silent mind can look within. Only a silent mind can hear the silence, the happiness that is always bubbling there.

It’s so subtle that with the noise of the mind you cannot hear it.

- Osho

Yoga is not a promise, it's a suggestion. It is varied, it has options to offer, it invites us to decide on what serves us to develop an intuitive compass to navigate through our mindless space.

Why Hatha

About Hatha


The practice of Asana should be stable and easeful.

- Yoga Sutras, Patanjali

Hatha, the physical practice of Yoga, is one way to become aware of the mindless space.

By cultivating awareness in our practice, we can explore different layers of perception: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Once their relation is understood, our practice shifts from a body-mind experience to a meditative state.

The word Hatha consists of two parts. Ha: Sun and Tha: Moon.

Asana practice itself is a dualism. We long for stability and softness at the same time.


About Dualism

Sun and Moon are symbols for the dualities of life we face every day.


Happiness - Sadness. Male - Female. Separation - Unity.


Even in the most basic things, this antagonism is manifested.

Yeah, even in a Golden Milk - find the recipe here.

In Yoga it is believed that in the moment when we stop fighting the dualities of life, spiritual growth can happen. Only then, we will be able to look within ourselves and surrender to our own inner truth: that bliss is what we really are and always will be.

Once you know your innermost nature […] nothing else is needed.

You are enough, more than enough. You are perfect as you are.

You are absolutely accepted, welcomed. Existence becomes a blessing.

- Osho

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